The River

from by Angie Nussey

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The River
My original plan for The River, was to record it as an instrumental. At the time, I couldn’t think of the right lyrics to fit with the music. One day, my husband brought me a page of lyrics he had been working on which he thought might inspire me. I loved his ideas and we worked together to bring the song to life. Every time I listen to this song I am brought back to a simpler time and place.


Lyrics by: Angela and Quentin Evans

When they met at the river, he could see her standing there,
She wore a dress made of linen and a flower in her hair,
And they stayed for a while, making drawings in the sand,
And they knelt by the river where the water meets the land.

Ten years passed, he came to her,
A nervous tone, she’d never heard,
With trembling hands, gave her a note,
In boyish words, he wrote.

If I go to the river, will I see you standing there,
In a dress made of linen, and a flower in your hair,
Will you stay for a while, making drawings in the sand

So she went to the river, and she saw him standing there,
In a suit from his father, and a flower for her hair,
He pulled a ring from his pocket as he gently took her hand,
And he knelt by the river, where the water meets the land.

A lifetime passed, a fairy tale,
Three children grown, their love prevailed,
Until the day, he knelt alone,
And traced the words, upon her stone.

If you go the river, you will see me standing there,
I’ll wear a dress made of linen and a flower in my hair,
You will find me forever, in our drawings in the sand,
I will wait by the river, where the water meets the land.

© 2010 Hope Café Records
All rights reserved


from Still Hope, released September 1, 2012
Back up vocals: Warren Chambers




Angie Nussey Toronto, Ontario

Angie Nussey is a Canadian Singer / Songwriter and winner of Best Country Song (Warm Hands) in the Great American Song Contest.

Her latest release, "Still Hope" is her sixth, full length album. She has toured extensively for over 13 years and has sharing the stage with a number of famous and infamous people.

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