Paint and Turpentine

by Angie Nussey

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Produced by Brian Lahaie
Released by Dragonfly Distribution

Brian Lahaie - Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Ayron Mortley - Electric Guitar and Mandolin
Brian Kobayakawa - Bass Guitar
Piano - Angie Nussey
Acoustic Guitar (track 1) - Brad Keller
Organ and Piano (track 8) - James Chapple
Saxophone - Chris Gale


released September 1, 2004




Angie Nussey Toronto, Ontario

Angie Nussey is a Canadian Singer / Songwriter and winner of Best Country Song (Warm Hands) in the Great American Song Contest.

Her latest release, "Still Hope" is her sixth, full length album. She has toured extensively for over 13 years and has sharing the stage with a number of famous and infamous people.

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Track Name: Forbidden Thoughts
It was late.
I remember so well I was playing a bar down the street.
And on break as I sat down to drink
I was stopped by a man who wanted to sing.
He said he was not much of a show.
That wouldn’t matter at a time like this.
If I would only lend him my stage
he would show me something not to be missed.

He stood.
Not much to see from his place on the ground
And he walked onto the stage.
He took my guitar like a father lifts a child.
Careful and thoughtful he was. =
I was foolish to think he was simply another.
There was no mistaking for what he was capable of.

He played.
Not like the way I had heard a man play before.
And I watched the bartender, in shock, drop a handful of change to the floor.
The crowd that was so unforgivably loud
sat silent and staring at what stood before them.
A man whose passion came spilling out grabbing the people who tried to ignore him.

Ohhhh, freakishly lustful.
Fearless and raging he was.
Ohhhhh, it was hard not to stare.
Each word from his mouth spilling like forbidden thoughts.
Forbidden thoughts.

In a haze, the room filled with tension.
People were blushing and staring excitedly.
Ohhh, he was crazy electric.
Causing us all to feel helpless and lustful.
He held on without hesitation.
All of us hoping we wouldn’t get caught.
I saw the people around me were sharing a moment of
Forbidden Thought.

Then just like a thief.
He finished his song.
His head held back.
Sweat falling down his spine
causing his shirt to cling right to his skin.
Inside out he had nothing to hide.
He moved like no one was watching
but everyone’s eyes were on him.
He walked straight out the door
through a crowd of hungry people wanting more.