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Little Tragedies

by Angie Nussey

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Grassy Knoll 02:56
He was a matter for the legal affairs. They had him right from the start. 14 and lost behind the matters of despair. Raised up a lonely heart. He lost a battle he could never have won. They had him right by the throat. 2 hours and a chase that made the Saturday Sun. Shot dead by a devil in a police coat. DC gasped a sigh of relief. No more blood to be spilled. 3 years of question and disbelief. 19 witnesses killed. How could the media be so overruled? What with the president gone? You’d think we’d figure what went over our heads but still the lies go on and on. Some think the mafia was in on it too. So was the CIA. No doubt the republicans hated it too. No war and a roll in the hay. There was a player who was headed for win. No doubt the public approved. Shot dead in the car he was riding in. Blame the one with a destiny to lose. We watch as history repeats itself. We wait with baited breathe. We hope for a motive that is better than wealth. So far it hasn’t come yet. We hope for a motive that is better than wealth. We hope for a motive that is better than wealth. We hope for a motive that is better than wealth. 94pbm
Broken 03:33
Lyrics and music by Angie Nussey You could have waited 'cause I would've gotten better Would have come to you with vigor You'd have never seen me down I would have been polished. I would have been rested. I would have been all the things it takes For your time to be invested. Chorus But you took me anyway Full knowing All my weakness showing. You took my hand into your arm. Without another word spoken.. ..took me when I was broken You were kind and you were thoughtful. When I was shaken you were careful. And I found strength to be myself. You were everything I needed at the time like nobody else. Chorus Bridge There was a time when I knew nothing of the person I could be. I was haunted by the demons that you didn't even see. You took me in when I thought never would I find a place to land. It was a time I needed someone more than just another man. And I held onto you like I would never leave you then. Here I go again. Hoping you'll remember when…. Chorus
Change 04:00
You Test Me 03:08
Mrs. Smith 04:34
Little Flaws 04:18
The Quest 03:15
Tempted 02:54
The Song 05:07
I can tell by your eyes when you look at my face you don’t love me anymore. And the pain that I feel was not part of the deal I must say. For a trooper like me, you would think I would be so much stronger in my ways. But the weight of the hurt takes me back to my earlier days. We tried our best to keep alive the love we had before. So sadly underqualified. It always left us hoping for more. There are times when I wish we’d forget all of this and go back to our earlier days. I could be who I am if I only could see who I was. We were close in the past. I was sure it would last. I was wrong in every way. And the leaving’s the part that is breaking my heart without cause. We tried our best to keep alive the love we had before. So sadly underqualified. It always left us hoping for more.


Partially funded by the:

Produce, Engineered, and Mixed by Brian Lahaie
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
Arrangements by Brian Lahaie, Angie Nussey, Ayron Mortley, Ben Sures, Paul MacDougall, Brian Kobyakawa, and Rebecca Hennessy.
Front Cover photo by Neil Jorgensen
Back Cover photo by Scott Donnelly
Inside photos by Lana Royce.
Cover design and layout by Brendan Fitzpatrick.

All songs by Angie Nussey ©2007

Brian Lahaie - Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Ayron Mortley – Bass Guitar
Ben Sures - Slide, Electric, Acoustic, and Noise / Feedback Guitar
Angie Nussey - Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Organ
Paul MacDougall – Electric Guitar (tracks 1,6, and 8)
Chris Eakins – Organ, Wurlitzer (tracks 4 and 7), Rhodes (track 8)
Brian Kobayakawa – Double Bass (Tracks 10 and 11)
Rebecca Hennessy – Flugelhorn and Trumpet (Track 5)


released July 1, 2007

Thank you to…
Most importantly Brian Lahaie for your creativity, passion, patience, skill…and, of course, friendship.

Ayron Mortley and Ben Sures for your monstrous creative input and performance on this album. Paul MacDougall, Brian Kobayakawa, Chris Eakins, and Rebecca Hennessy for your awesome performances.

Lana Royce, Scott Donnelly, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Kal Mollison, Tim Tibbits, Christie Difilice, Peter Monk, and Lindsay Leslie for your creative ideas and contributions to this album.

May Fantastic family and friends for all you do for me.

Brenn Ulicny, my awesome website designer and friend.
All of those friends, who come out to see me play, time and time again.
All the bar owners, managers, organizers, promoters, festival coordinators and great people who have continued to support me and my cause for the past eight years.

Quentin Evans for coming in at the end (and the beginning) and making it all seem worthwhile.

Ontario Arts Council for their financial support.
Big, Big thanks to you for buying this album.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Angie Nussey Orillia, Ontario

Angie Nussey is a Canadian Singer / Songwriter and winner of Best Country Song (Warm Hands) in the Great American Song Contest.

Her latest release, "Still Hope" is her sixth, full length album. She has toured extensively for over 13 years and has sharing the stage with a number of famous and infamous people.

yadda yadda yadda, just listen to the music K.
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