Heart of a Woman

from by Angie Nussey

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A few years ago, I met a woman who had been taking care of her son for over 15 years since an accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. What amazed me about this woman was her complete willingness to accept her situation and her strength to not give up. All she carried was love. Love for her son, love for her life, and love for anyone who came into her path. It was her incredible heart that got me thinking. I saw her heart as something strong and determined, but also free and vulnerable. The beautiful and completely exposed heart of a woman...


Lyrics by: Angie Nussey

She told him not to ride his motorbike so fast,
She told him life is not one of those things you think is going to last,
He crashed in to a rock cut north of Guelph,
Fifteen years later he still can’t feed himself.

She gets three hours every Saturday night,
So she goes out to the bar for a drink and smile,
The ask her about it, she says, “I’m alright”,
“This is the life I’ve been given”.

And they hear the heart of a woman.
It’s the heart of a woman.

Gabrielle takes the girls to her Mom’s every weekend,
Her husband works hard every day to keep things good,
But he starts drinking on Friday and stops on Monday morning,
She swore up and down that this last round in her final warning.

By Wednesday he swears he’ll never touch it again,
And she says, “It’s been 3 years so tell me when”,
“I love you baby but this is the end”,
“This is not the life our girls should be given”.

And he hears the heart of a woman.
It’s the heart of a woman.
It’s calling out.
It’s calling out.

Sarah comes home from every night tired,
She cooks up a frozen dinner and puts the dog outside,
She wonders how long she’ll be living alone in the city,
She’s never been one to be swallowed by fear and self-pity.

She sits at the table, writes in her journal,
Reminds herself what she’s working for,
She knows it’s crazy she still dreams like a child,
But this is the life she is choosing.

She has the heart of a woman,
It’s the heart of a woman,
It’s calling out.
It’s calling out.
It’s calling out.
It’s calling out.

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All rights reserved


from Still Hope, released September 1, 2012




Angie Nussey Toronto, Ontario

Angie Nussey is a Canadian Singer / Songwriter and winner of Best Country Song (Warm Hands) in the Great American Song Contest.

Her latest release, "Still Hope" is her sixth, full length album. She has toured extensively for over 13 years and has sharing the stage with a number of famous and infamous people.

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